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Peer to Peer & Crowdfunding

You can use your SSAS funds to invest in Peer to Peer and Crowdfunding platforms. This type of investment is becoming very popular.

There are multiple platforms available to SSAS investors. Those more common within the SSAS community include CrowdProperty, CrowdwithUs and Sourced. As certain platforms are unable to work with SSAS and others do not have sufficient security precautions to avoid HMRC penalties Empowered Trustees maintain a database of available platforms.

Empowered Pensions does not provide advice in relation to either Platforms that Member Trustees should use for Peer to Peer lending. Should Member Trustees need advice in this area then they should seek Independent Financial Advice from an FCA regulated adviser. Member Trustees should also be aware of the FCAs recent announcement relating to ‘Mini bonds’

Anyone considering Peer-to-Peer lending or ‘Crowd funding’ should understand the specific risks of these investment mechanisms.
Download the FCA Crowd Funding Report
The 12 page summary is a must read. It’s clearly presented, with lots of information and insights
Download the FCAs approach to P2P platform regulation
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