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We are a business of professional Pension Trustees. We are passionate about ensuring that our clients achieve their pensions objectives in a safe and robust manner.
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The pensions of business entrepreneurs reflect their stakeholders, unique, independent, personal and very often complex. As the Independent Trustee we cannot simply address the pension circumstances without understanding the interaction with the whole.

To this end we must and we do deliver the tailored solution for each situation.

Be your own bank

Your pension scheme can lend money to your business to help its growth, make more profit and you do not need to ask anyone's permission to do this.
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Secure your own future

You may own property in your pension and lease this to your business, to give it stability, or to others to create passive income.
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Be the bank for others

You may lend pension money to others. Whether short term Bridging, Business Angel capital or Development finance, asset backed lending can help you achieve stable returns with excellent capital security.
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All the other choices

Your pension is not limited to the investment choices presented by a Provider. It is driven by what HMRC allow and this choice is wide and deep. Every choice is available in every other pension whether Regulated investment funds, share dealing, Physical gold , Derivatives, Peer to Peer Lending, Crypto-assets.

Whilst all the choices are there some will and some won't be appropriate.
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